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Team of specialists provides a customisable and great range of services, specialising in business setup, experience business advisory services, planning, and in-house PRO services to facilitate the process for every client.

The company's Managing Director, Hazem Sakr, highlights that one of the company's missions is to provide the best service to their clients; "We are focused on bringing our customers the best and fastest service at an affordable price." Additionally, Tasees has its counter for full government services ,Tasheel , Amer, and DED, making their services faster and more convenient than other companies do."
Also we have our bank partnership agreement to insure that we will open your bank account along with you company
TASEES WA ESDAR Business Setup is a great team of top industry experts and advisors, our main branch situated around the city, and their latest office located in Deira clock tower DED building

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